*menu items subject to change*


Soy Egg (2 pc) 6.
daikon, trout roe, japanese mustard

Beausoleil Oysters (ea)  3.
green apple, ginger, dashi ice

Bacon Beignets (4 pc) 7.
maple crème fraîche

Chilled Melon Soup  13
avocado, almond, aleppo chilli

Gougères (3 pc) 6.
clothbound cheddar, fig

Housemade Crème Fraîche 7.
pickled ramps, trout roe, potato chips

Burrata  16.
peperonata, parmesan, black garlic bread


Cranberry Moscow Mule 4.
Ruby Red Sipper 4.
Regular & Decaffeinated 3.5
Single Espresso 4. Double Espresso 4.5
Cappuccino or Latte 4.5
Orange Juice 4.
Tea 4.5

earl grey cream, honey chamomile, apricot mango jasmine, english breakfast, citrus mint, jasmine green, cinnamon vanilla chai, decaf earl grey


All sandwiches served with salad. Substitute french fries for two dollars.

Pork Belly Salad 16.
watermelon, charred onion cream, almonds, tofu

Autumn Lettuces 11.
red wine vinaigrette, parmesan, celery root cream, baguette

Mistral  Caesar 11.
cured egg yolk, parmesan, croutons

Heirloom Grain Bowl 14.
curried pumpkin, cauliflower, raisin, avocado

* additions to any salad or grain bowl
chicken 4.
shrimp 5.

3 Cheese Grilled Cheese 13.
sundried tomato pesto
add pork roll  3.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 15.
basil pesto, arugula, tomato, provolone

Smoked Tuna Melt 15.
cheddar, apple, walnut

Muffaletta 15.
taylor ham, sopressada, gardineria, provolone

Dry Aged Brisket Burger 16.
bacon jam, garlic aioli
add aged cheddar +2.

Kale Flatbread 14.
squash romesco, figs, gorgonzola, fried egg


Frozen “Bee Hive”
honey, lavender, lemon curd

Oatmeal Whoopie Pie
raisin, walnut flax milk

Mocha Pot de Creme
whipped banana, macadamia streusel

Polenta Budino Panna Cotta
grilled stone fruit, bay leaf