*menu items subject to change*


Cape May Salt Oysters (ea)  3.
cucumber & yuzu granita

Smoked Fish Dip 11.
charred scallion, caper, cucumber, salt & vinegar potato chips

“Everything” Deviled Egg (2 pc) 7.
smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onion

Crispy Brussels Sprouts 10.
fermented black bean sauce, chili,
peanut, scallion

Broccoli Beignets (4 pc) 8.
smoked beer cheese


Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee 4.
Single Espresso 4.50
Double Espresso 5.50
Double Espresso 4.5
Cappuccino  5.
Latte 5.
Tea 5.

earl grey cream, chamomile, english breakfast, citrus mint, classic chai, jasmine green, decaf earl grey


Brown Butter Cake 10.
blueberry, lemon curd, crème fraîche
ice cream, hazelnut

Tiramisu Trifle 10.
hazelnut, espresso, cocoa, frangelico

Creamsicle Posset 10.
meringue, orange marmalade, milk ice

Red Beet Velvet Cake 10.
goat cheese mousse, candied beets, chocolate ganache

Cheese Board 14.
ask your server for details!


Market Salad 12.
seasonal vegetables, crispy quinoa, parmesan

Roasted Beets & Burrata 16.
grilled chicories, country ham, candied pecans

Falafel Grain Bowl 15.
quinoa tabouleh, tahini, dukkah

Mistral Caesar 13.
romaine, parmesan, brioche crouton

Szechuan Calamari Salad 16.
celery, fennel, watercress, peanut

* additions to any salad or bowl
* chicken 6.   shrimp 7.


Sweet Potato Pancake 15.
japanese bbq, dashi aioli, nori,
bonito flake

Fluke Ceviche 16.
citrus, fennel, coconut, chili

Vietnamese Noodle Bowl 14.
daikon, mint, peanut, cucumber

Rye Rigatoni 19.
pork sugo, broccoli rabe, hazelnut,

Chicken Shoyu Ramen 18.
charred allium, pickled daikon, 7-minute egg


Avocado Chicken Wrap 15.
green goddess, cherry tomato, crispy quinoa

Crispy Pork Sandwich 15.
broccoli rabe, swiss cheese, italian remoulade

Croque Madame 16.
prosciutto cotto, mornay sauce, mustard,
fried egg

Dry Aged Brisket Burger 16.
bacon jam, garlic aioli
add aged cheddar +2.

Crispy Fish Sandwich 15.
lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, tartar sauce

All served with salad. Substitute french fries for two dollars.