Join us for a special event with Stoplman Winery!

 Mistral presents an exclusive Wine Dinner with Peter Stolpman, managing partner of the Stolpman Winery.

7:30pm, reserve by phone or online.  $127 per person (included tax & Gratuity), Menu by Chef Joe Mooney & Wine pairing by Steve Colombero & Peter Stolpman.

Preview of the Wines

Para Maria Rose

Tasting Notes:

Fresh, firm, pineapple and mango. Green papaya runs the crunchy back bone of the finish alongside juicy red grapefruit. High-toned and refreshing yet fleshy enough to have a substantial, lasting finish. Para Maria Rose embodies the 2018 vintage: bright and refreshing acid combined with nuanced fruit.

First Course:

Stolpman Vineyards Roussanne

Tasting Notes:

A combination of neon yellow and peachy cream. Tangerine orange blossom, honey and a continuum of lemon sing all the way through the palate. The toasty oak framework lies underneath the fruit profile, lifting and supporting it. The creamy, zesty texture goes on forever, well beyond a typical white wine finish. Secondary notes of jasmine, tropical guava, green apple, pear, apricot and marzipan all emerge in this vivacious, high toned, silky beauty.

Second Course:

Love You Bunches

Tasting Notes:

The nose somehow combines bright and fresh cran-raspberry tartness with inviting lushness and depth. Boysenberry and red currents explode in the mouth. Dry with racing acidity, to the point that even a hint of lemon-lime shows up on the finish. The wine is serious enough to be pondered, yet utterly gulpable. “Adult fruit punch”

Third Course:

Stolpman Vineyards Estate Syrah

Tasting Notes:

The Estate Syrah shows both perfumed fruit and savory depth, beauty and brains. Gushing boysenberry juice seeps through the finish, complimented by an outward-stretching melange of fresh berry flavors. The wine is screamingly delicious and upfront fresh in its youth.

Fourth Course: (Dessert)

Stolpman Vineyards Syrah So Hot – 100% Syrah

Tasting Notes:

The wine is intensely purple-hued in color and in aroma. The robust nose is complemented with the savory notes with whole cluster fermentation. Energetic, high-toned red fruit zips across the front palate with brimming juiciness. A chalky component joins the parade along with further fruit depth and intensity towards the finish. Bright acidity delectably commingles with the tannin after swallowing.

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