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Specialty Cocktails  15.

The Road to El Morado - epazote infused tequila, dry vermouth, velvet falernum, aquavit (contains nuts) **
Desperado - tequila, coffee liqueur, creme de cacao, ancho reyes, mole bitters
In Fair Verona - rye, nardini bitter, biscotti liqueur, lemon, basil, almond bitters (contains nuts) **
Casablanca - ancho chile infused mezcal, cocchi americano, chinola, guava, lemon
Rue the Day - rue infused mezcal, velvet falernum, triple sec (contains nuts) **
Pandan - Monium - pandan infused gin, dark rum, nardini bitter, mango - coconut puree, lime, simple syrup
Figaro - fig infused white rum, malbec, triple sec, pineapple, lemon, agave
Peachy Keen - vodka, prosecco, peach puree, simple syrup, lemon

Riffs  15.

Smash or Pass - bourbon, absinthe, bronze fennel, orange, honey, lemon
Southern Belle - bourbon, rhubarb shrub, lemon, ginger, mint, soda water
So you like Pina Coladas? - aged rum, velvet falernum, coconut water, pineapple, lime, demerara (contains nuts) **
Figaro - fig infused white rum, malbec, triple sec, pineapple, lemon, agave
Big Dill Energy - clementine infused vodka, gin, cocchi americano, orange bitters
The Floor Is Guava - tequila, triple sec, guava, lime, orange bitters
Flip It & Reverse It - rye, averna, sweet vermouth, poli gran brassano rosso

Zero Proof  8.

Jackie A'Proofed - cherry, lime, lavender, basil, tonic
Magic Moment - hibiscus, lavender, lemon, ginger, mint, soda water
Sweet Heat - mango, lime, korean chili flakes, agave, tajin, soda water


Bottles & Cans

Red Stripe, Pale Lager 4.7% Jamaica 7.
Brooklyn Lager, Amber 5.2% New York 7.
Amstel Light, Lager 3.5% Netherlands 7.
Gaffel, Kölsch 4.8% Germany 7.
Zero Gravity Brewery 'Rescue Club IPA' N/A Vermont 7.
Oskar Blues Brewery, 'Dale's' Pale Ale (12oz), 6.5% Colorado 8.
Lawson's Finest Liquids, 'Super Lemonova' Blonde Ale (16oz), 5.1% Vermont 10.
Zero Gravity Brewery, 'Conehead' IPA (16oz), 5.7% Vermont 11.
Community Beer Works, 'The Whale' Brown Ale (16oz), 5.9% New York 11.
Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co., 'Magic Rain' Hazy IPA (16oz), 5.8% Massachusetts 12.
Three 3's Brewing Co., 'Back to Reality' Hazy IPA (16oz), 6% New Jersey 12.
Lawson's Finest Liquids, 'Sip of Sunshine' Double IPA (16oz), 8% Vermont 13.
Cape May Brewing Co., Tropical Punch Seltzer (12oz), 5% New Jersey 10.
Ship Bottom Brewery, Pineapple Mango Hard Cider (12oz), 5.5%, New Jersey 9.

Draft Beer

Allagash Brewing Company, Belgian White 5% Maine 8.
Torch & Crown Brewing Company, 'Tenement' Pilsner 4.9% New York 8.
Double Nickel Brewing Company, Hazy Pale Ale, 'Weekend Warrior' 6% New Jersey 8.
New Trail Brewing Company, Lager 'Crisp Lager' 4.8% Pennsylvania 8.
Cape May Brewing Company 'Coastal Evacuation' Double IPA 8% New Jersey 10.


Featured Rotating Draft:

Ship Bottom Brewery 'Mermaid Blonde' 5% New Jersey 


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