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Brunch Menu

Locally sourced, international flavor


Small Plates

To share

East Coast Oysters (ea)  4.

watermelon, cucumber, sweet vermouth


House Made Brussels Sprout Kimchi  6.

daikon, scallion, sesame


Buttermilk Biscuits (2pc.)  9. 

ancho chili honey butter

Wings  15.

Szechuan or White BBQ Sauce


Crispy Salmon Bites  12. 

togarashi, nori, tayaki sauce


Butternut Squash Beignets  12.

mascarpone, cherry, pepitas

Smoked Fish Gougères (3pc.)  11.
togarashi, gochujang, chili oil

Medium Plates

Heirloom Tomato Omelette  18.
mushroom, greens, cheddar cheese

French Toast  18.
berries, crème anglaise, almond, maple

*Contains Nuts*


Classic Breakfast  18.

2 eggs any style. bacon, potatoes, sourdough


Brunch Burger  18.

bacon jam, garlic aioli, fried egg*

add aged cheddar +2*

add french fries +2*


Grilled Chicken Wrap  19.

chipotle mayonnaise, bacon, greens 


Huevos Rancheros  20.

chorizo, black beans, salsa roja, queso fresco


Cold Soba Noodle Salad  26.

cabbage, peanut sauce, tofu

*Contains Nuts*


Country Fried Steak 21.
béchamel, red cabbage slaw, fish sauce aioli, fried egg

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich  25.
bacon, cheddar, yuzu aioli, jalapeño, french fries

Bavette Steak & Eggs  36.

potato, eggplant, coconut curry, hollandaise 

*Contains Nuts*

Great Meadow Farm Salad  14.
seasonal farm vegetables, lemon poppy seed, ricotta insalata, panzanella

*add grilled chicken  +8 

*add pan seared salmon  +13

*add grilled bavette steak  +15  


Fava Bean Toast  20. 

prosciutto, burrata, spiced plum jam, blood orange


White Bean Hummus  20.

roasted red pepper, pine nuts, cashews, flatbread

*Contains Nuts*


Grilled Kale Salad  16.
honeynut squash, candied walnuts, blue cheese  

*Contains Nuts*

Pork Memelas  18.

oaxacan cheese, salsa verde, corn salsa 

Smoked Salmon Crudo  19.

smoked apple velouté, trout roe, avocado


S'mores Tart  11. 

marshmallow, hickory smoked ice cream, chocolate ganache

*Contains Nuts*

Tiramisu  11. 

chicory, orange, walnut, espresso 

*Contains Nuts*

Limoncello Posset  11.

almond crumble, bronze fennel, champagne gelée 

*Contains Nuts*

Rose Tres Leches  11.

dulce de leche, peach, raspberry


Potatoes  6.

Bacon  6.

Egg Any Style  3.

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