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Princeton Graduation
Dinner Menu

Monday, May 27th 2024


Tuesday, May 28th 2024


East Coast Oysters (ea)  5.
watermelon, cucumber, sweet vermouth

House Made Brussel Sprout Kimchi  7.

daikon, scallion, sesame


Stuffed Paccheri  18.

braised pork belly, bolognese, pecorino

Szechuan Wings  18.

chili & garlic

Medium Plates 

Small Plates

Little Gem Lettuce  17.
green goddess, pistachios, citrus, bagna cauda

*Contains Nuts*


Smoked Salmon Crudo  22.

smoked apple velouté, trout roe, avocado


Spicy Little Neck Clams 20.

merguez, cherry tomato, chile de árbol

Beef Tartare Tostadas  21.
cilantro crema, pineapple salsa, epazote aioli, egg yolk 

White Bean Hummus  24.

roasted red pepper, pine nuts, cashews, flatbread

*Contains Nuts* 


Pork Memelas  21.

oaxacan cheese, salsa verde, corn salsa

Seared Diver Scallops  39. 

butternut squash, bagna cauda, vichyssoise


Peruvian Poussin  33.

aji verde, black beans, okra


Cold Soba Noodle Salad  30.

cabbage, peanut sauce, tofu

*Contains Nuts*

Braised Pork Belly  38.

bok choy, green goddess, pistachio, soy leek puree

*Contains Nuts*


Grilled Bavette Steak  42.

coconut curry, eggplant, salsa macha 

*Contains Nuts*

Short Rib  56.

coconut curry, eggplant, salsa macha 

*Contains Nuts*


S'mores Tart  15.

marshmallow, hickory smoked ice cream, chocolate ganache

*Contain Nuts*

Tiramisu  15.

chicory, orange, walnut, espresso 

*Contain Nuts*

Rose Tres Leches 15.

peach, raspberry, dulce de leche


Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee 4.
Single Espresso 4.50
Double Espresso 5.50
Cappuccino  5.
Latte 5.
Tea 5.

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